intoxiclockAn interactive educational tool shows intoxication levels after drinking under different scenarios that include gender, weight, number of drinks consumed over different periods of time, blood alcohol levels and time it takes levels to reach zero.

Users are able to see how long alcohol stays in the bloodstream after just one drink or after several drinks at different intervals and also by gender and weight as alcohol metabolism rates for males and females are different with females taking more time to metabolism a drink.

The Intoxiclock also shows how even “harmless” drinking, i.e. one drink before dinner and then one glass of wine during dinner, can affect a person for more than an hour after they leave a restaurant after dining. The levels from binge drinking can also be seen.

The Intoxiclock can be used throughout the community and could even be
set up at an after prom party for entertainment and education.

Scheduled demonstrations of the Intoxiclock can be arranged by contacting
Liz Montalvo, Drug Free Communities Project Facilitator  908-223-1985 Ext. 306

How Intoxiclock works – short video