LifeSkills Training

LifeSkills - imageThis elementary school program is a comprehensive, dynamic, and developmentally appropriate substance abuse and violence prevention program designed for upper elementary school students. This highly effective curriculum has been proven to help increase self-esteem, develop healthy attitudes, and improve their knowledge of essential life skills – all of which promote healthy and positive personal development.

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Contact:  Diane Bonelli, B.A., Prevention Connections Director  908-223-1985 Ext. 303

15 Minute Child Break

15min-logoThis is a FREE, interactive, one hour presentation for parents, grandparents and caregivers who are concerned about children (of any age) and substance abuse.  A trained representative from Prevention Connections will come to your school to deliver an informative, engaging, and educational presentation.

Parents will be empowered and supported with the assurance that, even in today’s society, they are still the strongest influence in their children’s lives.

Topics Covered: 
• Talking to Your Kids about Drugs and Alcohol
• Influence of Media and Pop Culture
• Effects of Specific Drugs
• Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free
• Strengthening Parenting Skills
• Utilizing Teachable Moments

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Contact: Mary Jo Harris, MSW, Community Coalitions Coordinator
908-223-1985 Ext. 304 –

Classroom Poster

Heads Up: Drugs and the Body – It Isn’t Pretty

Drugs and the Body - it isn't pretty - posterA graphic tour of how the body is affected by various drugs of abuse. Includes an annotated “body” poster for your classroom wall along with six skills sheets. One side in English; the other in Spanish.   Check it Out

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