Community Trials Intervention

A long-term community-based program created to reduce high-risk drinking behaviors and alcohol abuse among Warren County Community College and Centenary College students. Learn More

TIPS for the University

tips logoThe University program is a two-hour program tailored for students at universities and colleges. This program gives students the skills they need to intervene with their peers in social situations to prevent alcohol-related incidents.

This program will help students make sound choices when faced with difficult decisions about alcohol use. Working together and with administration, students address drinking behaviors specific to their schools and develop intervention techniques appropriate to their campuses.

TIPS for the University provides students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to reduce high-risk drinking behavior among their peers. More than 1,200 campuses nationwide have implemented TIPS for the University. Make your institution part of this successful training initiative.  Learn More

Interested in bringing TIPS to your campus?

Contact: Liz Montalvo, LAC, Prevention Connections Program Facilitator

908-223-1985 Ext. 306,




The BACCHUS Network is a collegiate peer education initiative that supports the achievement of students’ academic and personal success by building skills in student leaders to address campus health and safety issues. BACCHUS develops cutting edge tools for campuses consisting of student-friendly training programs, resource manuals, posters, and pamphlets. In addition, each affiliate group receives health issue campaigns that, when used in combination, lay the foundation for a year-round prevention program. Learn More

Interested in this program to your college?

Contact:  Diane Bonelli, B.A., Prevention Connections Director  908-223-1985 Ext. 303



logo-buzz-kill-homeDrug Free Action Alliance has developed a program to help colleges educate their students on the responsibilities of social hosting. Based on the nationally-recognized, evidence based program, Parents Who Host, Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking, BUZZKILL: Serve Under 21 and the Party’s Over is an eye-catching social host campaign that gives colleges the tools to let students understand the consequences when hosting parties with alcohol and underage people attend. Learn More

Sticker Shock Campaign

stickerThis vital project, led by teenagers and adult volunteers and is funded by Community Trials Intervention (CTI) to Reduce High Risk Drinking in Warren County. Twice yearly (April and November) this coalition places high-impact stickers displaying the legal consequences of purchasing and providing alcohol to minors. With the support of retailers, warning stickers will be placed on multi-packs of beer, wine coolers, hard lemonades and other “alcopops” known to appeal to minors.  In addition to the stickers, stores are also placing prominent signs in their windows. Learn More