What is a Municipal Alliance?

Each municipality in New Jersey has the opportunity to organize a Municipal Alliance and receive state funding for substance abuse prevention/education programs from the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA). The funding is derived from fines that are levied upon individuals convicted of drug offenses and is then awarded to each municipality through the county funding process.

In Warren County we have 12 Municipal Alliances: Franklin Twp./Mansfield Twp./Washington Borough, Oxford, Frelinghuysen, Phillipsburg, Great Meadows Regional (Liberty Twp./Independence Twp.), Belvidere, Hackettstown, South Warren (Alpha, Greenwich, Lopatcong & Pohatcong), Hope Twp., White Twp., Knowlton Twp., Washington Twp.

The Municipal Alliances are comprised of volunteers from the community who dedicate their time to develop programs that are an integral part in preventing drug and alcohol abuse among their residents. The programs reach out to people of all ages in the areas of recreation, education and community awareness.

Each Municipality has a Municipal Alliance Committee which collectively determines which programs to fund based on a local needs assessment. Furthermore, there is a local Coordinator for each Municipal Alliance who handles the administration of the grant.

Please contact Debi Meade, Substance Abuse/Municipal Alliance Coordinator for information about how you can get involved in the Alliance in your municipality –           (908) 475-6631