Prevention Connections a Program of the Family Guidance Center

Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities

(Regional Coalition & Drug Free Communities)

Minutes September 26th, 2016


Present: Sarah Perramant, Dan Hirschberg, Randi Hengst, Elizabeth Sartori, Richard Burke, Earl Clymer, Pat Kollar; Staff:   Mary Jo Harris, Liz Montalvo

Absent: Timothy McMahon, Tiffany Kushner

Excused: Aaron Perkins, Alex Bender, Alyssa Gammel, Amy D’Olivo, Anthony Jannetto, Ashlei Carlsen, Ayla Satter, Bill Eppell, Bill Stover, Brian Rother, Catherine Brewster, Charley Keusher, Cindy Armstrong, Debi Natale, Dominique Voitek, Donald Hallcom, Donald Kophazy, Earl Clymer, Elizabeth Sartori, Emily Reisberg, Erin Hartung-Ruane, Dr. Eugene Decker, Gabby Lorusso, Garrett Foley, Georganna Connell, Gionna Rossi, Gratia Burke, Fred Foti, Helen Carey, Hope Hollenbeck, Jackie Russo, Jake Smith, Jan Swick, Jeff Greenfield, Jennifer Spuckes, Jim Seng, Joyce Estey, Julie Profito, Justin Larsen, Kanish Vaughn, Karyl Cleary, Katie Hargendon, Kay Nunez, Kelly Shelton, Lauren Grigoletti, Leslie Fulmer-Cook, Martha Teixeira, Mary Pat Quinn, Matt Butman, Matthew Chodosh, Melanie Loth,Michael Calderon,  Michele Andrews, Mike Frands, Nancy Wilson-Soga, Natilie Dispoto, Nick Loizzi, Nicole Chaladoff, Pam Drager, Pat Kollar, Pat Balodis, Paulette Hussey, Penelope Griffin, Peter Keady, Peter Kromer, Prosecutor Burke, Rebecca Cruz, Rich McDonnell, Richard Gardner, Rita Foti, Ron Pantuso, Rondi Bogwald, Sandi Cerami, Shannon Brennan, Sharon McCarver, Stacy Heller, Syria Geddis, Tara Kirkendall, Tara Veerman, Dr. Thomas Altonjy, Tiffany Kushner, Tim McMahon, Timothy Downs, Tina Ritchie, Tom Cicerelle, Vitteria Calello, Walter Koch, William Lundon, Yvette Day, Paul Rinaldi, Marybeth Ringo, Debi Meade, Jonathan Asayad, Diane Bonelli

Topic Discussion Outcome/Follow-up
Welcome & Introductions


Approval of


·         Sarah welcomed everyone, introduced herself, and requested others in attendance gave brief introduction.


·         Minutes from last month’s meeting were not available for approval





Drug Trends
  • Alcohol, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines are prevalent according to Liz Satori.  Earl Clymer stated that alcohol and marijuana are common at the HS level, which was confirmed by Liz Satori with adolescent treatment intake reports.  The Dept of Human Services reports that the treatment numbers continue to be reflective of heroin use.


Committee Reports Underage Drinking


















Heroin/RX Drugs












































One Voice














  • Back to School Night: Liz Montalvo gave a report of the Back to School night initiative with the introduction of the “Talk! They Hear You” campaign.  Pat Kollar discussed the Meet and Greet scheduled for the Township.
  • “Talk! They Hear You”: Liz Montalvo and Mary Jo Harris discussed the campaign’s goals and the way the message will be spread throughout the county.  Schools and restaurants in the area will be receiving brochures and table top displays with the campaign’s message to put on display.  WRNJ will be conducting a radio campaign starting next week.  A PSA will run at 4 times throughout the year for 2 weeks.  Each PSA will also be placed on the Coalition’s social media outlets.
  • Probation Parent Program: The orientation was held for the parent program that is being run in collaboration with probation.  The sessions will be held monthly starting in October and last for 3 months.  50 parents attended the orientation.  Parents and Youth are invited to attend the program beginning in October.  It is a voluntary program aimed at improving parent and child relationships.


  • Billboard: The first billboard will be up within the next 2 weeks.  There will be one location in the county and 4 banners will be placed throughout the county to compliment the billboard.  The first billboard’s message will be “This Can Not Be Ignored”.  The second billboard will be in honor of Billy Carey.  The Coalition is paying for the first billboard and seeking sponsors for the additional billboards.  All the billboards have the same central theme, which is “Talking Saves Lives”.


  • Knock Out Opiates Day: This is a campaign sponsored by Partnership for a Drug Free NJ on October 6th.  Training is being conducted on the 27th.  Materials will be distributed at this time.  The materials include door hangers and information to provide to prescribers.  Students from Centenary University will be placing the door hangers on the doors in the dormitories.  Coalition members are asked to volunteer to deliver materials to local businesses and providers to start the conversation.  Materials will be available for pick-up between September 28th and October 5th.


·         Chasing the Dragon:  Members in attendance viewed the first 10 minutes of the Chasing the Dragon film created by the DEA and FBI.  A conversation ensued after to discuss how this video can be used to further the message of addiction and prescription drug/heroin abuse.  The video has currently been shown to youth from grades 7 to 12.  The discussion guide that comes with the video was used in these groups to facilitate a discussion on what was seen.  Members in attendance believe that the video is impactful and should be used.  Earl Clymer suggested that since the age of first use is 11 years old- younger students would benefit from seeing it.  A screening of the video for a younger age group and their parents was suggested as a way to determine how to use the video with younger students.  The video can also be used as a component of the 8th grade Health Class Curriculum if it possible to get additional time from the schools.  The overall consensus from the Coalition is that younger students (7th/8th grade), HS seniors and college students would benefit from seeing the film because they relate more to real stories of people who lived through addiction.  A panel of young recovering addicts would be an excellent addition to the viewing of the film for students.


·         Marijuana Legislative Breakfast: The breakfast needed to be rescheduled due to conflicts.  The Coalition is currently awaiting for dates of availability from Jim Gerhardt, keynote speaker.  The current dates under consideration include December 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th or 8th.  Once the date is determined the committee will reconvene planning.


·         Prosecutor Burke updated the Coalition on the work and upcoming events.  Members of One Voice are attending a summit that is sponsored by Hunterdon County’s faith based coalition.  The committee will meet after the summit to discuss the ideas that were shared and how they can be implemeneted to prevent use at the local level.  Shannon Brennan from the Department of Human Services will be providing a Mental Health Provider training for the One Voice committee on November 4th.

·         The Health Department will be conducting an audit of tobacco retailers over the next couple of months.  This audit will include observing the prices of tobacco products, number of advertisements, ID checking practices and potentially a test to ensure retailers are checking IDs.  The SAC Counselor Breakfast Meeting Group is going to begin again soon, which is going to start with a focus on e-cigarettes and vaporizers.  SAC Counselors report that they are prevalent within the schools and that the schools do not have enough information on the items.

Next Meeting:  Monday October  24th @ 9 am Family Guidance Center



  • Press release to introduce “Talk! They Hear You” Campaign
  • Distribute brochures and table top display materials









  • The Coalition will provide Warren Hills BOE with the draft for Billy’s billboard for approval
  • The Coalition will be conducting a sponsorship campaign




  • Members interested in volunteering for Knock Out Opiates Day can obtain materials at the Coalition’s office








  • The Coalition will work with the schools to set up a screening of Chasing the Dragon















  • The Coalition will notify members of the date for the legislative breakfast