Who Are We?

The Warren Hills Community Coalition brings together professionals from multiple disciplines and parents who have a passion for the prevention and treatment of substance use or abuse within the Warren Hills Region. The Coalition is made possible through the Drug Free Communities Grant.

The Coalition’s Mission

The mission of the coalition is to create a healthy and safe community that is free from substance abuse, addiction and related issues among youth throughout the Warren Hills Community.

The Coalition’s Goals

  • Reduce and prevent underage drinking and marijuana use among youth between 10 and 17 years of age by addressing access, norms and laws/policies
  • Reduce and prevent substance abuse in youth by generating positive, lasting environmental change

Coalition Members

The Coalition is made up of individuals that work and live in Warren County. The members include: Youth, Parents, Business Owners, Media Professionals, Schools, Organizations serving Youth, Law Enforcement, Religious and Fraternal Organizations, Civic Groups, Healthcare Professionals, Local Government Agencies and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse.

Current Initiatives and Services

The Warren Hills Community Coalition delivers prevention education programs, awareness campaigns and community wide initiatives throughout the Warren Hills Region based on the principles of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). The SPF requires the use of evidence based strategies for community change that accomplish at least one of the following objectives: providing information, enhancing skills, providing support, enhancing access/removing barriers, changing consequences, changing physical design or modifying/changing policy. The goal of each program or initiative is to increase the community’s awareness of substance use and abuse, educate the community on the dangers of substance use and reduce the prevalence of substance use among youth. Some of our current initiatives include: SAMHSA’s “Talk! They Hear You” Campaign, Above the Influence Campaign, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Parents Who Host Lose the Most, Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) Training, Drug Education and Awareness Programs and Hidden in Plain Sight.

Please consider joining the coalition to help create a healthier and safer community for our youth to grow and develop. For more information please contact Liz Montalvo at emontalvo@fgcwc.org.