Make an Impact in Your Community

Reduce underage drinking by addressing access, norms and laws/policies. Take part by educating youth, parents and local establishments in partnership with local law enforcement about the consequences of underage drinking.

  • Help with public forums & town hall meetings
  • Work directly with youth
  • Advocate for new laws, policies & procedures
  • Make physical design changes to local problem areas
  • Become a trainer
  • Provide incentives, awards and recognition to those reducing underage drinking in Warren County
Current Programs

Parents Who Host Lose the Most Campaign, Sticker Shock Campaign, TIPS training, BUZZKILL campaign

Meeting Location and Time

Contact Liz Montalvo for more information about location and time – or 908-223-1985 Ext. 306

Take action and attend the next meeting

Check Out our Events section of the website to see what’s up next.