The past decade and current economic hardships faced by boatloads of people has been epidemic. It forced hard choices, including, but not limited to a wheelbarrow full of credit card debt just to stay afloat for another month or two. Of course, this also forced many folks into bad credit, bank lender loans and subprime loans they couldn’t pay back that in turn produced a monolithic dark cloud over their collective heads with no rainbow in sight.

Sublime LoanFor the uninformed, bad credit loans or a subprime loan are the outlets some people with marginal credit or bad credit turn to when considering a purchase of a used vehicle. That said, the question before the house of common sense is: “what’s a person to do with the handicap of having bad credit, a FICO score on the south side of 600 and not enough knowledge to work through all this stuff? Well, this article will tug your coat to get your attention, and give you plenty of options, not only to help you get back on track, but to put some blue skies and green lights in your life, again!

Subprime Loans Versus Direct Financing!

Both of these lenders don’t make a habit of giving the “thumbs down” on people with bad credit. If you have been on the same job or new job that’s similar to the one you had and have been paying your usual bills like rent and utilities on time, buying a car that’s over 5 years old with low mileage around 60,000 or less, past bad credit should not be a factor. At least taking this path will get you out of that “we need help” boat that’s about to sale to places unknown with a capacity load. And if you remember in dealing with a subprime or small local “state” bank” (not national) this lender reports your PAYMENT status monthly to all of the credit bureau reporting agencies, and they should, making your vehicle payments on time with NO late payments could put you on the direct path to strengthening your credit profile.

direct financing

Note: the best place to look for these type of lenders is online at DR Credit website. Soon you’ll find out that there are a plethora ready to meet with you and discuss your conundrum. Also, please remember that the major difference between good and bad credit is the interest rate you will be paying. Weigh all offers, make your payments, and soon financial tension will be a thing of the past.